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CHINAPLAS 2019 Outlining a Bright Future for the Packaging Industry
With the rapid transformation and dynamic growth in packaging market driven by economic development and changing consumer preferences, the industry is facing stiff challenges of stringent VOC regulations, fluctuating raw material prices, regional industrial transfer and uncontrollable costs. In this context, the packaging industry has a pressing need for transformation and upgrading in order to develop crowd-pulling customized packaging.

Thanks to China's 40 years of reform and opening-up, the income and living standard of people in the country have improved significantly. As a result, the market has a rising demand for technology that helps deal with small and customized orders in a precise, quick and flexible manner, and brands are going through substantial upgrades with unprecedented frequency. The importance of packaging to products is growing exponentially.

CHINAPLAS 2019, a technology-oriented and innovation-driven trade fair, provides an international platform for showcasing and exchanging advanced technology. The show has a large display of innovative solutions featuring cutting-edge materials, machines, and technology, spotlighting customized, green, functional and intelligent manufacturing with reduced cost and improved efficiency, which helps packaging enterprises stand out.

It is expected that CHINAPLAS 2019 will attract more than 180,000 professional visitors from 150 countries and regions. Visitors can enjoy admission discount through online pre-registration from now till May 13, 2019, at an early-bird rate of USD 7.5 for a four-day pass. To pre-register,
please visit
For more information about CHINAPLAS 2019, please visit 

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Be among the first to witness the future of labels and packaging
Source: Bobst.
Date: 13-03-2019

BOBST, its REVO partners and Mouvent are proud to host an Innovation Open House in Florence during the first week of April.
BOBST, its REVO1 partners and Mouvent are proud to host an Innovation Open House in Florence during the first week of April.
We believe the solutions on show during this event - many of which are being unveiled for the first time - will revolutionize the standards and the dynamics of the labels and packaging industry.
These are solutions that answer the most pressing challenges that brand owners, printers and label converters face today - such as reducing time to market, improving color consistency, ensuring food safety of UV inks, supporting personalization, customization and short runs.
Demonstrations will span across all REVO1 Partners, Mouvent digital inkjet printing innovations to REVO1 Digital Flexo and converting technologies giving you full color control and ease of operations.


ExxonMobil releases Industry 4.0 guide to help plastics processors enhance productivity
Source: Web News
Date: 16-01-2018
ExxonMobil has released an Industry 4.0 handbook explaining how hydraulic fluids can help cut energy costs and optimize operational efficiency. Written by renowned plastics expert Dr. Robin Kent, the guide explores the emergence of the smart factory and Industry 4.0.
Smart factory technologies are revolutionizing plastics processing but need to be properly protected to realize the full benefit of Industry 4.0 machines and to work at their most efficient.
Inken Reuser. EAME Offer Advisor for ExxonMobil, said: "Plastics processing is a sector experiencing inexorable change. Next generation technologies are accelerating the rate of automation, forging Industry 4.0, the next step in manufacturing. High performance hydraulic oils play an important role in this revolution, ensuring that your plastics processing equipment is operating at its optimal level, when are where you need it."


Volkswagen has become the world's top-selling automaker for the fifth consecutive year in 2018.
Source: Pakwheels
Date: 07-02-2019
The German auto giant, Volkswagen successfully achieved the landmark by selling a record 10.83 million vehicles last year that also includes its MAN and Scania heavy trucks, with an increase of 0.9% compared to its 2017 numbers. Apart from the trucks, the company sold 10.6 million units of its production line. French-Japanese alliance; Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi tops the chart in the light vehicles segment that includes passenger cars and light commercial vehicles by selling 10.76 million vehicles in 2018. It is worthy to mention here that the alliance doesn't sell heavy trucks. However, the sales of Volkswagen had reached 10.83 million in 2018,

The third spot on the world's top-selling brands list is retained by Toyota Motors Corp. The popular automaker sold 10.59 million vehicles in 2018. The units sold by the brand also include Lexus vehicles, Daihatsu mini cars, and trucks produced by Hino Motors Ltd. In the light vehicles segment, Toyota sold 10.39 million units, which exclude the trucks manufactured by Hino Motors Ltd. While disclosing its future plans, the auto manufacturer revealed it is aiming to sell 10.76 million vehicles in 2019.

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