Astra Polymers – Revolutionizing Medical Care with Innovation Plastics

We remember how fragile glass blood bottles didn’t always make it to their planned destination Read More

Photovoltaic materials – next generation technologies

The solar power industry continues to expand worldwide with new markets opening up in high sun exposure locations such as the MENA region Read More

SYMIC C393 - As brilliant as the sun itself

ECKART is expanding its SYMIC C393 product range by adding a new highly chromatic gold shade. This innovative and versatile pigment boasts outstanding visual appeal Read More

Solvay Specialty Polymers Expands Amodel®

Advanced new grades in Amodel® AE-8900 series meet performance criteria for emerging automotive electronics applications Read More

In-Direct Flexo at Van Dam Machine

Van Dam Machine is an innovative company specialized in photographic quality dry offset printing machines for rigid packaging. Van Dam’s core values: quality Read More


Mr. Shahzad Sama
Managing Partner of SAMA Engineering

Leading with a mission to supply quality packaging machines and processing systems to its customers, SAMA stands out prominent on 56th rank out of 100 fastest growing companies in Pakistan. Read More

Mr. Farid Ahmed Vawda
CEO of FAV Plastico

It is a unique achievement for a five year old local company to supply top quality masterbatch that is used in the interior of a world class SUV of European origin. Read More

Mr. Mr. Naved Azam
Senior Manager-Product Development

What started off 55 years ago as a clock company making is now one of the country’s leading manufacturer of plastic parts (Speedometers, Switches) for the automobile industry. Read More

Mr. Renzo Bogani
Commercial Director, Metalizing Division - NORDMECCANICA

In February, 2013 we bought Galileo Metallizers. We made some changes in Galileo machines; we completely changed the electrical parts while introduced some changes mechanically and then we entered the market in April. Read More



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